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Rhett Dunaway

Company Name: Tour Charleston

Capt. Bryan Blalock

Company Name: Charleston Historic Tours LLC
Phone Number: 8437808557

Tommie Williams

Company Name: Tour Time Charleston
Phone Number: 843-810-5890
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Harold T “Buck” Dukes Jr

Phone Number: 843-810-2087
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Susan Epstein

Phone Number: 843-224-6784
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Jennifer B Nance

Company Name: Palmetto Carriage Works
Phone Number: 843-214-4421

Licensed guide 1987-2004, 2010 – present.

Bulldog Tours

Bulldog Tours

Company Name: Bulldog Tours
Phone Number: 843-722-8687

Bulldog Tours offers the best history, culinary, and ghost tours in Charleston. We offer a variety of daytime history, culinary, and specialized custom tours.  Our nightly ghost tours have been voted “Best Ghost Tours in the U.S.”.  Exclusive nighttime access to the Old City Jail, Provost Dungeon, & Charleston’s oldest graveyard.

Sally Wallace

Phone Number: 843-991-6331
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Stephen P. Herchak

Company Name: Charleston Tours by Stephen
Phone Number: 843-214-6101
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Palmetto Carriage Works

Palmetto Carriage Works

Company Name: Palmetto Carriage Works
Phone Number: 843-723-8145

Established in 1972, Palmetto Carriage Works is the oldest carriage company in historic Charleston, S.C and the largest in the nation. Family-owned and operated, the company offers guided horse and mule-drawn tours of Charleston’s downtown and residential historic district for the thousands of visitors hoping to take in the charm and history of the city in a more authentic way. For more information, call 843-723-8145 or visit

Richard Bennett

Company Name: Magnolia Plantation

Anne Barnes

Company Name: Anne Barnes Historic Charleston Tours
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Robin Hillyer-Miles

Company Name: It’s Always 9:33 Charleston Tours
Phone Number: 901-219-8653
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Linda Rigler

Phone Number: 484-883-0994

Mary Coy

Company Name: Charleston 101
Phone Number: 843-556-4753
Ashley Welsh

Ashley Welsh

Company Name: Ashley on the Cooper Walking Tours
Phone Number: 843-518-1977

Joyce Weir

Company Name: Charleston History Tours
Phone Number: 843-901-9283

Daniel Rothamel

Company Name: Knowitall Charleston Tours
Phone Number: (843) 642-8442

Knowitall Charleston Tours provides the entertaining and educating tours that satisfy the nerd in you! We’re always exploring, never boring!

David Romein

Phone Number: 843-509-8913
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Charleston Tours and Events

Charleston Tours and Events

Company Name: Charleston Tours and Events
Phone Number: 843-424-4721

Outstanding private, motorized, customized tours of historic Charleston, plantations and surrounding areas, offering exceptional personalized customer service by Susan Lee, licensed guide/owner.

Tours for 1-6 passengers, 1 hour to 5 days in length, in a spacious 2019 Expedition. Ability to accommodate a fold up wheel chair. Pet-friendly. All forms of payment accepted. Exceptional value!

in a spacious 2019  Expedition that holds from 1-6 touring guests, instead of the Lincoln Town Car, 1-4 passengers.

Ruth Miller

Company Name: Lowcountry, Inc.
Phone Number: 843-766-0802

Angie Chakeris

Phone Number: 843-270-3700

Henry (Bubba) Kennedy

Phone Number: 843-693-6846
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Rhetta Mendelsohn

Phone Number: 843-577-5277

Russell Albright

Phone Number: 843-412-8275

Ann Garris

Company Name: Charleston Walking Tours By Ann Garris
Phone Number: 843-224-7817
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Sallie Avice du Buisson

Phone Number: 843-224-1780
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Fred Auld

Phone Number: 843-849-0910
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Margaret Emmans

Company Name: Scarlett’s Tours
Phone Number: 843-532-7005
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Oyster Point Historic Tours

Oyster Point Historic Tours

Company Name: Oyster Point Historic Tours
Phone Number: 843-729-4662

Our tours walk through Charleston’s two best-preserved neighborhoods, immersing guests in 350 years of history. We explore the unique architecture and geography of the region, providing an honest accounting of the social and economic forces that have historically shaped life for Charlestonians both rich and poor, black and white.

Dani Manilla

Company Name: Sunflowers and Pomagranates
Phone Number: 843-619-9662
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William Creech

Phone Number: 843-345-3704
Old South Carriage Company

Old South Carriage Company

Company Name: Old South Carriage Company
Phone Number: 843-723-9712

See Charleston from an Old South carriage narrated in hour-long tours by licensed guides wearing the red sash, our symbol of quality and assurance of a great tour. Our Walking Tours, by experienced tour guides get close to Charleston’s famous Rainbow Row, the Battery, historic mansions and gardens

Linda Sanders

Company Name: Charleston SC Tours
Phone Number: 843-884-3307
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Lilla Ujvarossy

Company Name: Lila and Zazu Tour
Phone Number: 601-781-1432
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Alan Rosenfeld

Company Name: Adventure Sightseeing
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Nancy Benjamin

Phone Number: 315-427-1534

Lee Ann Bain

Company Name: Walk Charleston History
Phone Number: 843-822-5248

Mitchel Coats

Company Name: BullDog Tours
Phone Number: 843 801 9069
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Gordon Galloway

Company Name: Bulldog Tours
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Allison Tomarchio

Phone Number: 843-345-3068
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Forrest Parker

Company Name: Undiscovered Charleston
Phone Number: 615.815.0541

Leigh Handal

Company Name: Charleston Raconteurs
Phone Number: 843-670-2654

Butler Mappus

Phone Number: 843-327-6015

Virgil (Skip) Evans

Company Name: Walking Charleston
Phone Number: 843-412-8225

Barry Shear

Company Name: Barry Shear Tours
Phone Number: 413-330-9070
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Mary Helen Dantzler

Company Name: Two Sisters Tours
Phone Number: 843-343-2981
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Ute Stretz

Company Name: Ute Stretz Travel
Phone Number: 843-576-9646

Cynthia Nigh

Phone Number: 843-352-4463
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Alada Shinault Small

Phone Number: 843-276-4225

Jill Paris

Company Name: Eclectic Tours of Charleston
Phone Number: 843.806.9915

Sommer Pendergraft

Phone Number: 843-642-4328

Jane Thornhill-Schachte

Phone Number: 843-991-5556
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Henry Knight

Company Name: Fisheagle Tours
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Dale Westerberg

Phone Number: 843-572-1953
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Mark Reyland

Company Name: Chucktown Tours
Phone Number: 843-885-8802
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Jacque Bowman

Company Name: Bowman Tours
Phone Number: 843-270-1805

Jonathan Jackson

Company Name: JJSC, LLC
Phone Number: 843-870-1343

Alex Levine

Phone Number: 703-889-0308
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Donald Huskey

Company Name: Twisted Charleston Tours
Phone Number: 843-597-0897

Kay Abrams

Company Name: KAPA Tours LLC
Phone Number: 503.267.2986
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Frank Johnson

Company Name: The Hunley
Phone Number: 843-743-4865 ext. 14

Chris Cannon

Company Name: Mister Charleston Tours & Services
Phone Number: 843-343-5113

Faythe Benson

Phone Number: 843-534-0636
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Bruce Orr

Company Name: Bulldog Tours
Phone Number: (843)518-1284

James Walker

Company Name: Adventure Sightseeing
Phone Number: 843-810-7469
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Franklin Williams

Company Name: Frankly Charleston, LLC
Phone Number: 843-860-7451

Suzan Carroll-Ramsey

Phone Number: 843-813-8548
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Keith Purdy

Company Name: Siege of Charleston
Phone Number: 843-345-6300
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Charleston Carriage Works, LLC

Charleston Carriage Works, LLC

Company Name: Charleston Carriage Works, LLC
Phone Number: 843-779-1279

There is absolutely no better way to tour Charleston than the way it’s been done for centuries – in a horse drawn carriage! Get ready for an awesome experience with licensed guides that entertain as well as they educate, beautiful horses, and outstanding customer service. Visit our web site for details!

Charleston Culinary Tours

Charleston Culinary Tours

Company Name: Charleston Culinary Tours
Phone Number: 843-259-2966

Clara Hogan

Phone Number: 843-224-1589

Denny Stiles

Company Name: Laughing Gull Tours
Phone Number: 843-452-0798

Alphonso Brown

Company Name: Gullah Tours
Phone Number: 843-763-7551
Stephanie Thomas

Stephanie Thomas

Company Name: The Charleston Museum
Phone Number: 843-722-2996

Steve Bailey

Company Name: Charleston Walking Tours With Steve
Phone Number: 843-364-4134

Frances (Fran) Bennett

Phone Number: 843-224-3543
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Rick Newton

Phone Number: 703-981-6580
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Jany Columbo

Company Name: Petits Tours de Charleston
Phone Number: 843-906-9938

Anne Stewart

Phone Number: 615-557-7777

Virginia Turner

Phone Number: 843-642-5279
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Rena Lankford

Company Name: Time To Tour
Phone Number: 843-324-0013
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Shanon Stroer

Company Name: Reveille Tours LLC
Phone Number: (864) 221-0566

Julia Fox

Company Name: Julia’s Charleston, LLC
Phone Number: 817-371-3061

David Gwynne-Vaughan

Company Name: 1670 Tours
Phone Number: 843-270-0929
Larry Happel

Larry Happel

Company Name: Holy City History Tours
Phone Number: 843-408-8611

We have been dedicated since our founding to telling the stories of the women and men who were written out of the history books. We bring the stories of these forgotten figures to life with informative entertainment. With each tour, we aim to give each guest a real and authentic experience of Charleston and its history.

Therese Smythe

Company Name: Two Sisters Tours
Phone Number: 843-270-9945
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George Fitzpatrick

Phone Number: 843-754-8603

Liane Kerr

Company Name: Cobblestone Tours
Phone Number: 843-452-2403

Boyd Schuler

Phone Number: 843-371-7631
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Harriett Robinson

Company Name: Ms. Robinson’s Lowcountry Tours
Phone Number: 843-860-8220
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John Polk

Company Name: Classic Carriage Works
Phone Number: 843-642-2398
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Joan Berry-Warder

Phone Number: 843-762-9588

Sarah Fick

Phone Number: 843-723-4675

Kimberly Kee

Phone Number: 269-369-5229
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Walter Boags

Phone Number: 843-860-1127

Martha Wallace

Company Name: Charleston Perspective
Phone Number: 843 460 8671

John Hodgson

Phone Number: 508-989-3985

Tim Dillinger

Company Name: Old Walled City Tours
Phone Number: 843-593-1739

Nathaniel Hutchinson

Company Name: Charleston African American Tours
Phone Number: 843-276-0117
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William Stanton

Phone Number: 423-213-0678

Joe Giacinto

Company Name: Jim Isle Tours
Phone Number: 843-364-2169

Bruce Burris

Company Name: Bruce Knows Charleston
Phone Number: 843-330-8410
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Charleston Bicycle Tours

Charleston Bicycle Tours

Company Name: Charleston Bicycle Tours
Phone Number: 843-881-9898

Since 2011 providing quality multi-day bicycle tours of Charleston and her environs. Cycle past historic homes, quaint towns, surrounding islands. Experience the charm of the Low Country with the owners, Alex and Karen Graham. Includes luxury accommodations, excellent meals, Charleston licensed Tour Guide, full van support, fun small groups.

Pat Mellen

Company Name: Charleston Convention & Group Services
Phone Number: 843-442-3176

Brian Simms

Company Name: Charleston Sole Walking Tours
Phone Number: 843-364-8272
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Mimi Wood

Phone Number: 443-253-9037

Amelia Whaley

Phone Number: 843-817-9246
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Christine Waggoner

Company Name: Promenade With Christine
Phone Number: 8432001766
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Tyler Page Wright

Company Name: Walk & Talk Charleston
Phone Number: 843-732-6674
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Capt Jim Gresham

Company Name: Privateer Tours
Phone Number: 843-330-9493

Alice Gordon

Company Name: Miss Alice Tours
Phone Number: 843-822-1812

Al Ray

Company Name: Charleston Old Walled City Tours
Phone Number: 843-343-4851

Paula Buceti

Phone Number: 843-209-6444

William Struhs

Company Name: William Struhs Charleston Tours
Phone Number: 843-722-0230
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