PALMETTO GUILD Mission Statement

The Palmetto Guild represents certified tour guides who have demonstrated proficiency on an exam administered by the City of Charleston. This test is based on competency of Carolina Lowcountry history, culture, and municipal regulations. Guild members are professionals who are committed to historical accuracy, continuing education, and providing an engaging experience for all visitors.

The Palmetto Guild logo is not to be reproduced or used without the prior written permission of the Palmetto Guild.
Any unauthorized use of the logo may violate copyright trademark laws.

Palmetto Guild Members and Supporters


Avice du Buisson, Sallie
Bain, Lee Ann, Walk Charleston History
Ball, Diane, Bulldog Tours
Barbour Calcutt, Becky
Barnett, Sue, Charming Charleston Tours
Benjamin, Nancy
Bennett, Sue, Walk Charleston
Bennett, Fran
Boyd, Charlene, Charleston Culinary Tours
Brafford, Doug
Brown, Alphonso, Gullah Tours
Buceti, Paula
Cannon, Chris, Mister Charleston Tourist Service
Chakeris, Angie, Tours by Angie
Columbo, Jany, Petits Tours de Charleston
Cooper, Chuck
Coralli, Elizabeth
Cothran, Sarah, Bulldog Tours
Courter, Shawna, Courter Tours
Coy, Mary, Charleston 101
Creech, William, Oyster Point Tours
DeBlase, Susan, Bulldog Tours/Charleston Culinary
Dew, Tommy, Tommy Dew’s Walking Tours
Dillinger, Timothy E., Carolina Storyteller
Dunning, Beverly
Dupois, Diana
Emmans, Margaret, Scarletts Tours
Evans, Skip, Walking Charleston
Ezell-Gilson, Carol, Broad Street Biz
Ford, Zachary, Bulldog Tours
Fox, Julia, Julia’s Charleston: A Native’s Perspective
Fitzpatrick, Mark
Galloway, Gordon, Bulldog Tours
Garrett, Gilbert, Just Wandering
Garrison, Annick, Charleston Walking Tours By Ann Garris
Garrison, Shaun, Palmetto Carriage
Glass, Coby, Crafted Travel, and Others
Giacioto, Joe, Magnolia Plantations & Gardens
Gordon, Alice, Miss Alice Tours
Goron, Patricia, Ghostwalk
Grimes, William, Grimes Tour Services
Gresham, Jim, Privateer Tours
Gwynne-Vaughan, David, 1670 Tours
Hemphill-Gaither, Gladdys, A Sankofa Conversation
Herchak, Stephen, Charleston Tours By Stephen
Hillyer Miles, Robin
Hodgson, John
Holcomb, Virginia
Hutchinson, Nathaniel, Charleston African American Tours
Jackson, Jonathan, JJSC
Jones, Alexandra, Houselore
Kee, Kim
King, Fanio, Historic Charleston Foundation
Kimball, Stuart, Bulldog Tours
Kirkland, Keith
Knight, Henry
Lankford, Rena, Time to Tour
Lee, Susan, Charleston Tours and Events
Lookadoo, Benji
Mappus, Butler
Marking, B.T.
McGrady, Tiffany, Old South Carriage
McKnight, June, Charleston Tea Party
Mellen, Erin, Charleston Convention & Group Services
Mellen, Pat, Charleston Convention & Group Services
Mendelsohn, Rhetta, Rhetta Mendelsohn Tours
Miller, Al, Sites and Insights Tours
Miller, Ruth
Moore, Adam, Ashley on the Cooper
Nigh, Cynthia
Paris, Jill, Eclectic Tours of Charleston
Pendergraph, Will
Phelps, Greg
Polk, John, Classic Carraige
Polyachenko, Serge
Proper, Chelsy
Ray, Al, Charleston Old Walled City Tour
Rigler, Linda, Welcome to Charleston! Tours
Romein, David
Rosenfeld, Alan
Runyon, Jessica, Charleston Museum
Saunders Pemberton, Katerine, Historic Charleston Foundation
Shear, Barry, Barry Shear Tours
Small, Nancy
Spahr, Richard, Charleston Savannah Tours
Spell, Jean R.
Steffel, Annick
Stello, Jr., R. Alan, Walk Charleston
Stiles, Dennis, Laughing Gull Tours
Stowe, Palmer, Oyster Point Historic Tours
Stretz, Ute, Ute Stretz Travel
Stroer, Shanon, Reveille Tours
Surrette, Glenn, Gray Line
Thornhill, Jane, Thornhill Tours
Tomarchio, Allison, Bespoke Tours
Wallace, Bradley, Charleston Perspective Walking Tours
Wallace, Martha, Charleston Perspective Walking Tours
Westerberg, Dale
Whaley, Amelia, Touring Charleston SC
Williamson, Mike
Wright, Eric, Carolina Polo & Carriage
Wright, Tyler, Walk and Talk Charleston
Wood, Mimi, Walk About Charleston
Wray, Rosanne
Young, John
Zimmerman, Jeff, Charleston in a Nutshell


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