Tours in Charleston, SC

Heading to Charleston for the first time? Then the three things you should be looking forward to the most are the abundant history, world-class food scene, and architecture — because those three are what the Holy City is known for. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The city has a lot more to offer. From the green spaces, aquarium and historical plantations to ancient tombstones, Rainbow Row, cobblestone streets, whatever kind of experience you’re looking for, you can find specific tours for it in Charleston, SC.


The 3 Most Popular Tours in Charleston, SC

Of the dozens of tour types in the city, these three categories attract the most tourist:

  1. Walking Tours — walk the streets of the of Charleston, absorbing what city has to offer, with one of our certified tour guides.
  2. Carriage Tour — engulf yourself into the Holy City abundant history via horse and carriage.
  3. Private Tours — tours with your own personal guide rather on foot, boat or horse and carriage.

The 3 Most Unique Tours in Charleston, SC

The following three are as unique tour types as you can find anywhere in the world:

  1. Gullah History— tours exploring and highlighting the rich African American history in the Holy City.
  2. Culinary— tours that showcase the best of Charleston robust foods scene.
  3. Women’s History — tours the take a closer look at the amazing ladies of Charleston throughout its history.

The 3 Most Memorable Walking Tours in Charleston, SC

If you’re a fan of walking tours, then these three will give you an experience to remember:

  1. Historic Charleston Supper Club — enjoy a four-course meal in our historic French Quarter dining room.
  2. Bulldog’s Charleston Strolls — hear the stories and traditions revealing Charleston’s rich history and colorful past.
  3. Holy City History Tours — a tour that bring the stories of these forgotten figures to life with informative entertainment.

As you can see, there’s a tour for everything. If you want to see the complete list, head on to this page.