The Scariest and Most Interesting Charleston Ghost Tours

Although most people travel to Charleston to see popular attractions like Rainbow Row and the Battery, some are more interested in the after-dark sights. This may come as a surprise to you, but Charleston is actually one of America’s most haunted cities — or at least one of the most well-known for it.

From pre-revolutionary heritage to ghost-centric folklore to a myriad of ancient tombstones, the Holy City has all the makings of a ghost town. That’s exactly why it is one of the biggest attractions for fans who’re always searching for the spookiest tours.scariest-ghost-tour-charleston-sc

If you’re a fan of a thrill, be sure to check out these five scary ghost tours while you’re in Charleston, SC.

1. Haunted Evening Horse and Carriage Tour of Charleston

Provided by the Old South Carriage Company, the Haunted Evening is a 40-minute part ghost and part educational tour about Charleston’s spooky history.

On the tour, you will be navigating through downtown Charleston to get to the most popular haunted sights in the city, including the Mills House and the Old Exchange Building. Your guide will keep you entertained throughout the tour while also educating you about the city’s history.

2. Dark Side of Charleston Guided Night-Time Walking Tour

Provided by Bulldog Tours, this one’s a ninety-minute long ghost tour that takes you on a journey to the most notorious locations in the Holy City.

Throughout the night, you can expect adults-only commentary about criminals, scandals, and other debauchery from your guide. You can also expect a lot of stops during the tour. So if you like adults-only walking tours where you don’t actually walk for the entire time, this one’s ideal for you.

3. Charleston Ghost & Graveyard Night-Time Guided Walking Tour

Another tour provided by Bulldog Tours, this one’s a special after-hours tour to one of Charleston’s oldest cemeteries. Throughout the night, your guide, a Charleston local, will lead the walk and tell you fascinating folklore stories.
People who’ve been on this tour tend to describe it as the scariest ghost tour they’ve ever experienced. Some even swear to have spotted paranormal activities themselves.

Other Top Tours in Charleston SC

If the you don’t have an appetite for the scare, have not fear there are a host of other great tours for you! See the complete list top tours in Charleston, SC head on to this page.